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Infinite Innovation Towards Prosperity

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We are committed to providing the best quality for every customer and user of our application.

Starting this year and the years ahead, we will continue to develop our company and products while remaining on our original mission – to provide you, our users and customers, with the best service you can rely on.

Vision and Mission

To be the first choice as a provider of innovative digital business platforms for the welfare of society.


  1. Building smart business platforms that can be accessed and utilized by the community
  2. Providing educational media that can be utilized by the community
  3. Collaborate with the Government and the private sector to develop digital services to provide better services to the community

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Iwonder Club

As a form of concern, togetherness and the principle of helping each other, PT Media Inovasi Sejahtera will form a forum for all members to collaborate, namely IWONDER CLUB.  To become an IWONDER CLUB member, you are required to download and install the IWOPAY web app and take advantage of its extraordinary features.

IWOPAY is the first project of PT Media Inovasi Sejahtera, as an application platform designed to provide convenience and financial benefits to all users.


App Developer

Building App for Corporate Integrated with OS Android and Ios Apple

Marketplace Platform

Spesifically for the Service Sector


A cloud-based online cash register platform where front pages, products, prices, marketing programs, loyalty programs, etc.


Bambang Utoyo

Chief Executive Officer

Innovative and Creative team works

Each team member works according to their passion

We are currently a start-up company, committed to creating a business platform that is able to provide convenience and benefits to the community.  

We organize two professional team work groups who have the talents that the company needs. We emphasize the importance of the passion that everyone must have in doing their job.

Everyone has enough space to be innovative and collaborate freely with others in the same group or other groups. We don’t limit the time to work which means everyone can arrange time to finish their work from home or anywhere

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