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Streamlining Management Processes

In today’s digital era, businesses are increasingly adopting online platforms to streamline and enhance their management processes. With the convenience and efficiency offered by online execution, companies can effectively manage their operations, collaborate with teams, and achieve their goals with ease.

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Small Medium Enterprise (UKM) covers all small to medium sized companies in their business scale

Small Medium Business (UKM)


Enterprise includes all profit-oriented companies from all industrial sectors


Education includes all educational institutions, both private and public, from elementary schools to colleges, universities and academies, including course institutions


Government includes all central and regional government agencies, ministries also include legislative institutions

Public Service

Public Service includes all public service agencies, both government and private, for example hospitals, zakat agencies and so on


Professionals cover all individual professions such as Notaries, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Artists and others

Our first Project

Iwopay is our first completed Project and have been able to work seamlessly on its implementation (Orang1)


The Iwopay Mobile App is a mobile application that we have created to be used by the public as a digital product shopping and payment tool which not only provides convenience but also provides real benefits that allow users to shop more efficiently than without using this application.

Product Description

Empower Your Digital Shopping Experience

Iwopay is a mobile application designed to provide users with convenience in purchasing digital products. Our goal is to make digital shopping easier and more accessible for users from all walks of life. With Iwopay, you can enjoy a range of functions and benefits that ensure a simple yet secure process, comprehensive product offerings, and affordable prices for digital products.

Key Features
  • Simplified and Secure Process
  • Extensive Product Selection
  • Cost savings while fulfilling your digital needs.
  • Familiarize users with Smart Spending and Budget Allocation
Key Benefit
  • Ensuring that you get the best value for your money.