The Description of iwopay


Iwopay is a mobile application designed to provide users with convenience in purchasing digital products. Our goal is to make digital shopping easier for everyone, regardless of their social status. With Iwopay, you can enjoy a range of functions and benefits that ensure a simple yet secure process, comprehensive product offerings, and affordable prices for digital products.

Key Features

Owner Side

Many features that can be played by the company.

  • Easy Products Setup
  • Easy and flexible to create marketing campaigns.

User (Customer) Side

  • Simplified and Secure Process
  • Extensive Product Selection
  • Familiarize users with Smart Spending and Budget Allocation

Front End

Owner Side

  • Attractive design
  • Global Setting
  • One mobile number one User ID

User side

  • App size that does not burden device capacity
  • Everyone is easy to uses this application


Key Benefits

Owner Side

  • Easily manage user and seller database.
  • Manageable Operating Income.

User (Customer) Side

  • Users can control monthly expenses.
  • Users can use it as a personal business.
  • With Iwopay Users have an additional source of income.

Back End

Owner side

  • Administrator management system.
  • User-friendly and clearly back-end dashboard.
  • Easy to control activity.
  • Easily implement marketing programs such as reward systems, promo discount programs, etc
  • Easy to make daily, monthly, and annual reports for all sales and marketing activities.
  • The dashboard provides various data for seller partner analysis and evaluation, operational and financial data, data for user analysis and other information that can be retrieved easily.


"Belanja Cerdas tanpa Cemas"

Tag line that matches the benefits of the application for all users

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People really like real cashback because it gives them an immediate advantage in the form of a refund.

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